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Our store and field operations are closed, support line is open.
Amid COVID-19 measures taken by the Karnataka Govt. our operations are closed from 23rd to 31st March 2020. However, our customer support is working from home to make sure your queries are answered.

History of Appy Planet

How We Begin

Appy Planet was initially coined as Karbonn Service Center, but due to few ups and down, it was recoined and given the current name in 2006. We had a very clear target in mind as to cater all the Apple gadget customers' queries and provide them the best solutions in reasonable amount that too in the minimum time possible along with the best services across India.
We also sought to employ Indian youth through the 'Skill India' project by establishing a training institute for them. As a result, we also train and produce expert technicians. We have successfully and pleasantly served to over 35K clients and trained over 2K young people.

Learning Through Experience

The goal back then was to enjoy ourselves and do the things we loved while earning a living. Lofty, serious aspirations grew along the road. Since the beginning, we have been fairly clear about what we want to do and accomplish. We were constantly praised for the services we gave to our clients, but the main struggle we encountered was staying in business during the Market Crash, Recession, and Covid. We found this to be both unpleasant and degrading as young professionals in the field. By putting client trust at the forefront of our business processes, we made a determined choice to set ourselves apart from the competitors. Hence, we came to the realization that simply fixing broken equipment wasn't going to suffice for it; we also needed to address the customers' trust, service quality, and the best technicians. This prompted the development of new procedures and systems, including thorough pre- and post-repair quality control forms, visual confirmation of each device and problem, open communication at each level of the service, pre-approval of the quotation prior to any service, and robust post-service support. Even though they were obvious, these concepts were noteworthy at the time we first entered the field.

Repair > Refurbish > Reuse

Undoubtedly, Apple items are expensive. Pre-owned reconditioned products, particularly MacBooks & iPhones, are in high demand. The same performance and quality can be availed for almost half the price. The most of Apple devices qualify for 90 days of free technical support. After the first 90 days, online technical help for Apple products is offered.
Appy Planet Services is an accessible destination to purchase Apple devices and accessories. We have launched our pre-owned sales division. After selling over two thousand gadgets in the first year alone, we understood that buyers' main worry in this case was trust: what if the MacBook turns out to be a terrible lemon? You can relax knowing that Appy's used devices go through a thorough QC procedure and include a warranty that lasts at least three months. what are you waiting for? Call us or book online at www.appyplanetservices.com and get your desired service and device.

From Retail to B2B

We expanded our footprints into the B2B sector quite seamlessly from the retail sector. Committed clients recognised the value we could contribute to their businesses. They began introducing us to their procurement managers, asset managers, and IT administrators. We have now onboarded more than 100 firms, both startups and established corporations, since around late 2006. The engagement models range from AMCs to on-demand repair services. Our menu of services has expanded to include rentals as well as sales and services in the past.

Helping the environment along the way

This was more of an after-the-fact insight. Without consciously choosing to do so, Appy has been conducting business in an environmentally friendly manner since the beginning. It goes without saying that our area of business generates a lot of e-waste. To ensure the safe disposal of the dangerous e-waste, we have partnered with and used the services of numerous waste management and recycling businesses throughout the years. Almost tonnes of electronic waste was safely disposed of up until the end of 2022.
Each time a consumer chooses to have a defective product repaired rather than purchasing a new one, they are making a difference. Each time you purchase a used gadget that has been refurbished, you are making a difference. That is a significant issue, and we are proud of the contribution we are making, however small.