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Our store and field operations are closed, support line is open.
Amid COVID-19 measures taken by the Karnataka Govt. our operations are closed from 23rd to 31st March 2020. However, our customer support is working from home to make sure your queries are answered.

iPhone Back Glass Replacement

These days, we have the newest trend going on which is glass backs. Your iPhone gains gravitas from them and they also make it quite fragile and delicate. It is very simple to break, but very difficult at th sam time to be fixed! If you want to repair a back glass panel neatly, we can help in this situation as we have a lot of skilled and craftsmen working at your service.

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Fastest turnaround time

Time is money.Appy Planetrepairs fast, ergo it saves you money only, no? Ok. We are an exclusive Apple service center, MOST parts are usually in ready stock.

Skilled, Certified technicians

All things considered, the quality of service is only as good as the expertise of the repairman. Workmanship matters!

Quality parts, Warranty

AtAppy Planet, we use only the highest quality spare parts. All repairs carry a min. 90 days warranty. Not just a working device, peace of mind is paramount too!

80% of water damaged iPhones are repairable.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Most “authorized” guys are almost in a hurry to declare your iPhone dead. We aren’t. We bring the dead back to life. We care.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first. You just introduced “Water, iPhone. iPhone, Water”. DO NOT PUT IT ON CHARGE! If it’s turned off, do not try to turn it on. If it’s on, turn it off. Take it to a service center.
(But most of you won’t. So.. ) Put it in a ziplock with rice or silica gel. Let it dry, give it a few hours. Then try turning it on.
Turns on? Hurrah. But, still, getting it checked at a service center might be a good idea. We’ll disassemble the phone and clean it with Isopropyl alcohol, thus preventing any corrosion or fungi happening in the future.

Didn’t turn on? Well, life isn’t fair. Bring it to us. We can’t promise, but can definitely claim with some confidence that we can fix it. If we can’t, we won’t charge you a penny anyway.

Don't take our word for it, take theirs

Mathew Kurien

My second service with Appy, and I'm quite pleased with the services provided. The iPhone 6 Plus screen was quickly fixed the first time, and my MacBook's screen was quickly fixed the second time. They take up the item from the owner's home, offer first-rate assistance, and complete the task flawlessly. I think the price is among the most affordable available without compromising quality. Many thanks to them.

A. Singh

I can tell with confidence that this is the best spot. Before, I was confused by the 4.8 rating, which is extremely unusual these days for service-related establishments. Nevertheless, after visiting their location, I was extremely pleased with their service. When they checked, they found some dust that had accumulated there, which immediately remedied my problem. They had a good chance to make up a lie to get their hands on my money, but they refrained from doing so, which makes me very grateful to them.

Saurabh Sharma

Once I accidently spilled coffee on my MacBook while working on it. I took Appy planet service and was very satisfied as their commitment was awesome. Definately would reccommed their service if you want to save your money and time.

Amita Srinivas

The best service centre in the city for Apple products. I've visited there twice, and each time I've returned satisfied with useful goods. I was moved by the their kindness and passion of technology during my most recent visit. As I have a flight the next morning, they worked on my device after they had finished working. Customer trust is a key factor in any brand's success, and that is their strength! Visit them if you value your time and resources. They are highly suggested!!

Dinesh Sharma

These people provide excellent service. An Apple authorised service shop in Indiranagar told me it would take 5-6 working days merely to see if they could replace my broken iPhone screen, and even then, they most likely wouldn't be able to (even for replacement, they were quoting 15k). They told me to go out and buy a new phone. And there is no upgrading! These folks from Appy changed the screen in within an hour, it cost around 4K, and it has been working perfectly for the past month. Thank you for the hard work you all are doing.


I really suggest this location for all iPhone repairs. I believe they are among the city's few who can undertake sophisticated repairs at the chip level. Their service and ability are outstanding, and their prices are reasonable. I was charged Rs.4500 which I believed was quite affordable given the complexity of the repair needed and also given that my data was still intact. Several shops offered me a price range of 7,000-15,000 for the board replacement rather than the repair, which was deemed to be unfeasible. In addition. For the repair, I was given a three-month guarantee.

Anand Shama

These people have qualified technicians to fix Apple products. I hadn't used my iPhone 6 in a long time, and it had gone into sleep mode. When I went to icare and Planetcare, they said the phone had gone into dead mode and that there was nothing they could do about it and that I should get a new phone. One of my friends told me about Appy Planet, so I went there. It only took them 40 minutes to figure out what was wrong and 15 minutes to fix it. The problem with my phone is battery and they fixed it with my understanding for 2800 and do have 6 months guarantee to it. Appy is my top recommendation for Apple products.

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How we work?

For less complicated fixes (such as replacing the iPhone screen or battery or the RAM and HDD in a MacBook).


Book an appointment

Inform us about the gadget and the problem. Verify your address and a time that works for you.


Technician visit

Your house or place of business is visited by our engineer. Complete the job at hand.


Pay Online

Then, pay with cash, a credit card, or a UPI transfer after inspecting the gadget.

More complicated fixes should only be carried out in a workshop.


Schedule a pickup

Tell us about the gadget and the issue. Our boss chose the gadget promptly.


Get diagnosis & quotation

We carefully examine the gadget after receiving it. You will subsequently receive a phone call or email with the diagnosis and an estimated repair fee.


Receive repaired device

As soon as the estimate is accepted, we start the repairs. The gadget is only given back to you after thorough QC.

If you prefer to encounter someone in person before entrusting them with your priceless device, then you might be like us.


Visit our office

You can readily find our location on Google Maps . Ideally, call prior to let them know you're coming.


Consult with our Advisor

Among other things, our staff is trained to carefully listen, comprehend your issue, and make sure you are aware of the repair procedure.


Walk-out with a smile

The majority of spare parts are readily accessible in stock, enabling us to offer the shortest TAT. It takes longer to fix computer issues and water damage.