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Mobile Repairing Courses

Appy Planet, Bangalore offers comprehensive mobile repairing training in Bangalore to anyone interested in pursuing a career in this field. We will teach you how to fix an iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones and tablets.

In comparison to other mobile repairing and laptop repairing institutes in India, our teaching is far more comprehensive and practical. This course is open to students, professionals, mobile shop owners, science and engineering students, people who want to change occupations, people who want to gain new skills, and people who want to leave their jobs to start a business. Essentially, anyone with an interest in mobile phones can enroll in our course and pursue a career in this industry.

Our mobile repairing course teaches both GSM hardware and software repairs in detail. It starts from the basics of electronics and goes up to troubleshooting problems. Some of the topics covered by our mobile repairing course include

  • How to use different tools and equipment.
  • Phone disassembly and re-assembly.
  • Inspect mobile phone parts and components.
  • Motherboard examination.
  • Circuit tracing and circuit diagrams.
  • Explanation of various ICs (chips).
  • How to Replace ICS.
  • Soldering and desoldering techniques.
  • Jumpering techniques.
  • Ports, connectors, and switches are being replaced.
  • Replacing cracked screens and LCDs.
  • Flashing and installing software.
  • Unlocking by secret codes and computer.
  • Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • How to Replace ICS.

The above list is inclusive and not exhaustive; apart from the above-mentioned topics, Appy Planet, Bangalore, covers the entire gamut of topics related to iPhone repairs which will help students gain in-depth and extensive knowledge in the subject and become a top-notch and skilled iPhone service technician.

  • iPhone starting circuit
  • The operation sequence of the iPhone display circuitt
  • The analysis and the ultimate maintenance method of the whole series iPhone signal part fault
  • The reason for no signal and the maintenance sequence
  • The reason for no signal failure
  • The maintenance sequence of no signal
  • The maintenance method of baseband part
  • How to check if there is a problem with the iPhone baseband part
  • Maintenance steps of iPhone no baseband
  • Maintenance methods of SIM card circuit
  • How to check that if iPhone recognizes the SIM card